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Concerto“Série de Instrumentos Musicais Tradicionais Chineses - Melodia de Suona de 2022”

Organização:Grupo Musical Cheong Hong de Macau
27.12.2022    Ter. 20:00 Grande Auditório
100 minutos
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Informções | +853 2858 1150


Suona, an ancient wind instrument came to China about the Yuan Dynasty, first was used in the army, then passed to the people in general and became one of the popular musical instruments among many ethnic groups. Macao Cheong Hong Music Group will organize a concert mainly with this instrument “Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument Series – Melody of Suona of 2022”. Many famous musicians of Suona, representatives of different generations and come from different regions, will gathered in this concert, including: Hao Xiaodong (Henan National Music Orchestra), Tian Ding (Macao Chinese Orchestra), Wang Xiangyang (Beijing Chinese Orchestra), Yan Lei (Tianjin Conservatory of Music) and Shang Shuai (Harbin Conservatory of Music). Under the conducting of the famous conductor Zhang Ming (Beijing Chinese Orchestra), they will present the following songs with Macao Cheong Hong Orchestra: “Family portraits”, “Noble Music Project”, “Paeonia lactiflora outside the city”, “Birds paying homage to the Phoenix”, “Love for the Sichuan River”, “Ballad of Northwest” and “Sunrise”. Lovers of Chinese music don’t miss this event.

Para reservar bilhetes, queira contactar o Centro Artistico de Grupo Musical Cheong Hong de Macau pelo telefone no. (853) 2858 1150.