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News 2023-05-31 09:07
ARTmusing Summer at CCM
A fresh wave of programmes for the whole family

The Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is launching its newest ARTmusing Summer edition, an artistic jamboree conceived to entertain and inspire a wide range of audiences throughout the holidays. From babies and small children to youth and seniors, everyone is invited.


Creative boost

1 July-27 August                                                                     ARTmusing Summer Workshops

Devised to immerse both kids and grownups into the art world, this workshop series opens up tiny curious minds, exposing their senses to sound and movement, while families are invited to bond with their little ones in specially curated sessions. Besides, older children will have plenty of chances to test their performing, singing and drawing skills while the teenagers discover exotic instruments and develop vocal techniques. Senior friends will also have a chance to challenge themselves, through new dance moves and acting.


Oceanic mysteries

14-16 July                                                                                                                    Deep Blue

Featuring a variety of creative elements depicting a vivid, colourful underwater world, Deep Blue is a children’s puppetry theatre, staged to the sound of live music. Using discarded objects, sand, water, sound and light, a group of friendly actors bring lovely puppets to life in a delightful aquatic scape, immersing young kids in an unforgettable experience.


Planet hopping

12-13 August                                                                      The Little Prince’s Star Journey

Based on the well-known novella by French writer and aviator Antoine Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince’s Star Journey is a multi-media play conceived by the Beijing Da Shan Pai Theatre Art Center. On a giant screen, the prolific company cleverly projects its wonderfully crafted puppetry, taking the audience on a stunning and surreal journey.


Cinematic compass

24-27 August                                                                                     ARTmusing Film Carnival

This year’s film carnival is screening a string of inspiring features carefully selected from the international scene. Families will bond while children are encouraged to explore the world, develop independent thinking, unleashing their potential. The big screen will shine with a mix of American, Asian and European productions, from animated and live action features to films based on true events.


Summer wrap-up

27 August                                                                                                           ARTmusing Fun

Adding up to the warm season’s mood, families are invited for yet another festive day at CCM. From workshops, showcases and crafty arts to short performances, kids will pick their favourite activities specially conceived to boost a creative atmosphere. Close bonding and artistic discovery are well-known trademarks of these ARTmusing Fun celebrations.


Sensorial adventure

20 -24 September                                                                              Sweet Dream in the Woods

After a couple of show postponements due to the pandemic, little tots aged 4 to 15 months will eventually wander freely at CCM’s stylized forest. Sweet Dream in the Woods is an adventure imagined by producer Chan Si Kei in collaboration with choreographers Wendy Choi and Annette Ng. Moving to the rhythms of live music, a pair of dancers will lead the babies to explore, immersed in the sounds of exotic and traditional instruments. A first-time experience that will encourage the tiny audience to engage with nature.


Tickets for all “ARTmusing Summer” programmes will be on sale from 4 June (Sunday) at Macao Ticketing Network, and pre-registration for workshops will start on 31 May (Wednesday). For more details on ticketing, please visit CCM’s website at or call (853) 2840 0555.