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News 2023-06-19 10:07
Performing arts professionals visit Macao Cultural Centre's Black Box

Unveiling Macao Cultural Centre’s Black Box facilities to local performing arts practitioners, the Cultural Affairs Bureau invited over 50 representatives of the arts sector who had previously rented the Black Box Theatre located at the Old Court Bulding as well as performing venues at the Cultural Centre. The visit was attended by Leong Wai Man and Cheang Kai Meng, respectively the Cultural Affairs Bureau president and vice-president, as well as Macao Cultural Centre’s acting director Lei Lo Heng.

The three senior officials introduced the new facilities and exchanged views with the performing arts practitioners. Engaging in a conversation, Leong Wai Man and Cheang Kai Meng screened the professionals’ opinions on the configuration and purposes of the new venue. Highlighting the Cultural Centre’s Black Box facilities as “all-inclusive and professional”, Leong Wai Man noted that the venue “is flexible, allowing for a diversity of possibilities within the production sphere of experimental theatre”. It is expected that the new venue will help promote Macao’s creative and innovative efforts in the theatre field, providing invigorating experiences for local audiences. Practitioners, on the other hand, shared opinions and addressed themes such as the popularization and promotion of theatre, the facility’s technical support, performance schedules and rental terms of the new Black Box.

Set to be officially launched in early July, the new Black Box will host all performances programmed by companies previously renting the Black Box Theatre space located at The Old Court Building.  With an area of 3.110 square metres, the new venue spreads upwards over three floors connecting the Cultural Centre, including two small theatres with a capacity for 140 and 160 spectators, as well as several multi-function rooms, dressing-rooms and support facilities. The performing venues are flexible, enabling its adjustment according to productions’ needs, providing diverse configurations: traverse, thrust, arena and theatre. Given its characteristics, this is an ideal space for the staging of small-scale productions and experimental plays. Macao Cultural Centre’s Black Box Theatre is now available to be rented upon request. For further information, please visit