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News 2023-08-21 15:34
ARTmusing Fun at CCM
Family celebration under the stars

The Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, prepared a warm season farewell with the launching of its latest ARTmusing Fun. For the first time in an extended edition, the artistic jamboree invites families and friends to spend three consecutive evenings at CCM Square, from 25 through 27 August.  

From street dance and clowning to stilt-walking and puppetry displays, this carnival’s updated version includes a pallet of attractions, from BMX cycling to skateboarding showcases. And the carnival’s stimuli will spread around the square transformed into a small market set, with booths serving food and selling creative products. Parents will be given plenty of chances to bond with their kids too, watching movie screenings, going on backstage adventures, joining yoga sessions and at the usual storytelling corner.

The party would not be complete without the live performances by CCM’s Singing Club and brief skilful demonstrations by the summer workshops participants. The venue will display scenic decorations and photo ops, inviting families and friends to record their enjoyment of the performing arts in a relaxed atmosphere.

ARTmusing fun is a free Admission event. For more details, please visit CCM’s website at