Yang Xuefei - Sketches of China - Macao Cultural Centre

Macao Cultural Centre

Film Carnival 2022

Yang Xuefei - Sketches of China

Classical Music
07.01.2023    Sat 20:00 Grand Auditorium
110 min, included 1 intermission
For aged 6 or above
$250, $200, $150, $100
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Anti-epidemic Measures

  • Patrons shall wear mask. Entry will be refused to noncompliance and tickets will not be refunded.

Two melodic worlds at the fingertips

Could a pair of skilful hands reshape two ancient and quite diverse musical traditions? Those who ever heard Yang Xuefei’s swift plucking will answer this question with a loud yes. Acclaimed as one of the world’s finest classical guitarists, the musical pioneer will delight us with a string of interpretations she beautifully crafted to build a bridge between Chinese and European music.

Teaming up with erhu virtuosa Lu Yiwen and young pipa sensation Sun Ying, Xuefei will enchant the audience with a thread of delicate tones, harmonizing colours and sounds. From Chinese folk tunes to modern and Latin compositions, this soulful journey takes us from the Han dynasty to the modern age. Besides familiar pieces we might be anticipating, from excerpts from The Butterfly Lovers, Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon to Three Variations on Plum Blossom, patrons will be treated with an earthy gusto of flamenco-inspired music such as works by Juan Martín.

Having been invited to play with the world’s leading orchestras in over 50 countries across most continents, Xuefei’s international acclaim came to light at numerous prestigious venues and festivals, from BBC Proms, to the Vienna Concert Hall and the Lincoln Centre in New York. On her return to Macao, where her guitar delighted in previous concerts, music lovers should expect nothing less than another evening of flawless technique and exciting musicality. So, concert goers, do get ready to be soothed with refreshing interpretations through the hands of a true guitar genius!

Guitar: Yang Xuefei

Erhu: Lu Yiwen

Pipa: Sun Ying




Guitar and Erhu

Ren Guang: Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon

Chen Gang and He Zhanhao: Excerpts from The Butterfly Lovers


Guitar Solo

Traditional Chinese Music: A Moonlit Night on the Spring River

Xu Changjun: Sword Dance

Juan Martín: Zambra Mora

Juan Martín: La Feria




Guitar Solo

Liu Tieshan and Mao Yuan: Yao Dance

Yang Xuefei: Xinjiang Fantasia


Guitar and Pipa

Traditional Chinese Music, arranged by Benjamin Lim Yi: Three Variations on Plum Blossom

Béla Bartók: Romanian Folk Dance

Benjamin Lim Yi: Flamenco Dance


Guitar, Erhu and Pipa

Lou Shuhua: Fishermans Song by Moonlight


The organizer reserves the right to alter the programme and/or the performers.

Pre-performance talk: Sketches of China
07.01.2023    Sat 19:00
Conference Room