Track – Contemporary Dance Workshop - Macao Cultural Centre

Macao Cultural Centre

Track – Contemporary Dance Workshop

Contemporary Dance
06.03.2023    Mon 19:30 Multi-Purpose Rehearsal Room
07.03.2023    Tue 19:30 Multi-Purpose Rehearsal Room
Two sessions (120 mins each)
Aged 16 and above with at least 3 years of dance experience
Hosted in Mandarin
$300(workshop), $100(observer)
Event Completed

Mentored by the company’s very own choreographer and artistic director, this workshop will be an excellent opportunity for local dance enthusiasts to get to know her unique choreographic language. Hou Ying will take participants to explore their bodies, discovering new ideas and expressions.

How to apply:

Please purchase the tickets online, fill in the application form and email it to

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Track by Hou Ying Dance Theatre
10.03.2023    Fri 19:45
Small Auditorium