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ARTmusing Film Carnival
It's a Summer Film!

24.08.2023    Thu 19:30 Small Auditorium
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It's a Summer Film!



2020/ Colour / 97’ / Group B

In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles

Dir:Soushi Matsumoto


High schooler Hadashi and her two friends are obsessed with samurai films. While her bubbly film club rival is directing a cheesy rom-com, the trio is making Hadashi’s debut film — a tribute to samurai heroes in Japanese cinema.

Hadashi finds Rintaro, a mysterious time traveler, the perfect candidate for the leading role in her masterpiece. However, as he is camera-shy, Hadashi and her crew will have to win him over, if they want her samurai dream movie to be released.

A delightful coming-of-age drama mixing teen romance with a bantering tone and adventurous sci-fi, starring former pop idol Marika Itō and TV actress Daichi Kaneko.




Group A – Suitable for all ages

Group B – Not suitable for children under 13

Group C – For persons aged 13 and above only, but not suitable for age under 18