ARTmusing Film Carnival SamSam - Macao Cultural Centre

Macao Cultural Centre

ARTmusing Film Carnival

26.08.2023    Sat 11:00 Small Auditorium
Event Completed

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France/ Belguim

2020 / Colour / 78’ / Group A

In Engish with Chinese subtitles

Dir:Tanguy de Kermel


SamSam appears to have it all: caring, heroic parents, a bunch of super-friends, and his own flying saucer for space adventures. There is only one problem bothering this young cosmic hero: he has not found his superpower yet. Luckily, he meets Mega, a mysterious new girl who is willing to help. Meanwhile, a king from another planet who hates children creates a monster that will stop kids from laughing. SamSam and his friends will need to team up to fight against the monsters, protect happiness on planet Sam and, most importantly, learn how to be true heroes.



Group A – Suitable for all ages

Group B – Not suitable for children under 13

Group C – For persons aged 13 and above only, but not suitable for age under 18