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Macao Cultural Centre

ARTmusing Film Carnival
Where Is Anne Frank

26.08.2023    Sat 19:30 Small Auditorium
Event Completed

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Where Is Anne Frank


Belgium/ Luxembourg/ France/ Netherlands/ Israel

2021 /Colour /100’ / Group B

In English with Chinese subtitles

Dir:Ari Folman


When Amsterdam’s Anne Frank Museum is suddenly hit by a storm, it magically brings back to life Kitty, an imaginary friend to whom Anne wrote in her famous diary. After 75 years, Kitty believes that if she is alive, then Anne must have survived too. Accompanied by the precious diary and her friend Peter, who runs a secret shelter for undocumented refugees, Kitty sets out on a quest for her dearest friend, from the Annex to her tragic end in a concentration camp, inspiring present-day groups seeking social justice for refugees.



Group A – Suitable for all ages

Group B – Not suitable for children under 13

Group C – For persons aged 13 and above only, but not suitable for age under 18