ARTmusing Film Carnival City of Lost Things - Macao Cultural Centre

Macao Cultural Centre

ARTmusing Film Carnival
City of Lost Things

27.08.2023    Sun 17:00 Small Auditorium
Event Completed

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2020 / Colour / 91’ / Group B

In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

Dir:Yee Chih-yen


Feeling abandoned by society, Leaf runs away from home. The struggling teenager ends up in the City of Lost Things, a place inhabited by living trash like dolls, plastic bags, and umbrellas. He accidentally saves Baggy, a 30-year-old plastic bag, from being pulled into a truck and the two become good friends. While this bizarre world feels right for Leaf, who sees himself as a piece of unwanted rubbish, Baggy strives to lead his tribe to flee the city. A challenging and thrilling adventure, winner of the Best Animated Feature Film at the 57th Golden Horse Awards.



Group A – Suitable for all ages

Group B – Not suitable for children under 13

Group C – For persons aged 13 and above only, but not suitable for age under 18