Macao Cultural Centre

Cyrano de Bergerac

Organizer:Dream Theater Association
24.03.2023    Fri 19:45 Small Auditorium
25.03.2023    Sat 19:45 Small Auditorium
26.03.2023    Sun 14:45 Small Auditorium
$280, $260
Event Completed

A French Romantic Theater Performance

“Cyrano de Bergerac”


About the Story

 "Cyrano de Bergerac" is the representative works of a French playwright Edmond Rostand in the 19th century. The story tells that the French nobleman Cyrano is a witty and brave swordsman of the Royal Legion and a romantic poet. He can hold a sharp sword to fight against hundreds of people and write poems while fighting. However, he is often the object of ridicule by others because he has a ridiculously long and big nose which is considered ugly. Therefore, this "big-nosed lover" had no choice but to hide his love for his aristocratic cousin Roxane deep in his heart, and even secretly helped Baron Christian de Neuvillette, who has a handsome appearance but no talent, to pursue Roxane, by writing lots of love letters with full of poetry. The love letter written by Cyrano captured Roxane's heart, however she thought that the one she fell in love is Christian, she didn't know that it was Cyrano's affection and talent that had been in love all the time.

Will there be a day, she finds the truth of the blind of love?


About this Arts Project:

Aesthetics of Contemporary Theatre - Exploration and Practice Project

"Cyrano de Bergerac" is a performance project of the "Contemporary Theater Aesthetics Exploration and Practice Project" of Dream Theater. The play invited the famous French director Franck Dimech to be the director of this performance. Franck is active in European and Asian theaters in recent year. He is often invited to visit Hong Kong and Taiwan for cultural exchanges and cooperation. His theater aesthetic style is unique, especially professional in discovering and challenging the latent explosive power of actors. The unique use of stage space leads the audiences to feel the most original, truth and emotional power of theater.

Dream Theater Association is a local arts group, which actively promote the development of local theatre, creates various theater performances, explores more new performance methods with artistic works closely related to social events, and provides more performance platforms for the potential locals and art partitioners to show their talents.