Macao Cultural Centre

《2023 Macao CDE Springboard》

08.09.2023    Fri 20:00 Box I
09.09.2023    Sat 14:45 Box I
09.09.2023    Sat 20:00 Box I
10.09.2023    Sun 15:30 Box I
90 min
Event Completed

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2023 Macao CDE Springboard
The 2023 Macao CDE Springboard restarts the international exchange mode before the epidemic, and will present 8 outstanding dance works created by choreographers from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, as well as 3 dance works created by local artists. Moreover, presentations of the works created by the participating artists of Project “Crisol – creative processes 2023” will be featured as one of the programmes of this festival.
*Tips for buying tickets: Buy any two of Program A, B, and C to enjoy all 11 dance works
* CRISOL Program is a diorama-like exhibition of performance activations proposed by artists from Italy, Singapore, Guangzhou and Macao on the topic of "gazing".