Macao Cultural Centre

“De-corps-struction” Series 2023 - “Narratives”Caretakers

Organizer:Associação de Arte e Cultura-Comuna de Pedra
Presenter:Associação de Arte e Cultura-Comuna de Pedra X Zero Distance Cooperative
11.11.2023    Sat 15:00 Box I (Additional)
11.11.2023    Sat 20:00 Box I
12.11.2023    Sun 20:00 Box I
60 mins
Best for aged 6 or above
Event Completed

The year 2023 draws this five-year project to a close. Over the last four years, our team collected numerous caretakers’ stories through interviews and during touring playback theatre performances. The caretaking experiences and situations were not only extremely emotionally burdensome but also motivating and positive. The caretakers are children, partners or staff of caretaking homes. They have various experiences - some gaining tremendous support while some were facing all challenges on their own and unable to gain others’ understanding. 


After years of the story collection, our production team has joined hands with other talents to comb through these stories with songs and music and bring a complete theatre production. We hope to tell these touching stories, connect with the audience through similar life experiences and draw the public's attention to the role of caretaker.