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Beyond TiMe

Organizer:Ieng Chi Dance Association
25.11.2023    Sat 20:00 Box I
26.11.2023    Sun 15:00 Box I
26.11.2023    Sun 20:00 Box I
Children below the age of 6 are not allowed for admission. Children between 6-11 are recommended to be accompanied by parents.
Event Completed

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** No photos, videos, eating, drinking and large-size belongings are allowed in the venue.

Event Details:


Multimedia Ink Dance Theatre
Beyond TiMe

"A bowl of water contains countless sentient beings."


2023 marks the 25th anniversary of Ieng Chi Dance Association, and this particular moment leads us to contemplate everything about "time". Beyond TiMe is inspired by Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History of Time, which is like a window to the captivating mysteries of time and space and a door through the universe. This performance is created by director Chole Lao, ink multimedia artist Cindy Ng, lighting and set designer Calvin Lam, along with Macao-based musician Akitsugu Fukushima from Japan, software engineer Jiang Jun from Beijing, and Macao dance artists Leong Pou Seng, Cynthia Sio, Karen Hoi, and Annette Ng. Together, they interpret various inquiries about ‘time and space, void and reality, observation and detachment’, and explore the ephemeral nature of being and the transience of memories through experiments with materials, forms and sounds.

Production Team:
Concept and Coordination: Chole Lao, Cindy Ng, Calvin Lam
Director: Chole Lao
Creative Dancers/Performers: Karen Hoi, Leong Pou Seng, Cynthia Sio, Annette Ng, Chole Lao, Akitsugu Fukushima
Ink Multimedia Designer: Cindy Ng
Lighting and Set Designer: Calvin Lam
Live Music Designer: Akitsugu Fukushima

Organizer: Ieng Chi Dance Association
Co-organizers: Concept Pulse Studio, Point View Association, Macau Visual Arts Industry Association, A Time, Inspiration 4Cs, Chin Fong Production
Sponsored by: Cultural Development Fund of the Macao Special Administrative Region

Acknowledgments : Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau, CCM – Concessionary Rate