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Preservation and Transmission of Cantonese Opera, Practice Makes Perfect:
“Goddess of the Luo River” & “The Flower Princess”

Chinese Opera
Organizer:Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Limited
Presenter:Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Limited
12.03.2024    Tue 19:30 Grand Auditorium
13.03.2024    Wed 19:30 Grand Auditorium
210 mins
Suitable for aged 6 or above
Performed in Cantonese
$300, $200, $100
Event Completed

Half price for senior citizens aged 60 or above and full-time students.

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The Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe reserves the right to change the content and performers of the programme.

Preservation and Transmission of Cantonese Opera, Practice Makes Perfect:

“Goddess of the Luo River” & “The Flower Princess”

Presented by Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe


Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe

Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe (HKCOT) was founded in May 2023, established by Dr. Ina Ho Chan Un-chan with enthusiastic Cantonese opera dedicated personnel.  HKCOT owns a well-equipped and multi-function venue, which can be used for Cantonese opera rehearsals, practice, and seminars.

HKCOT is dedicated to inheriting and fostering the development of Cantonese opera, nurturing the outstanding young generation of Cantonese Opera with a number of performers and musicians.  HKCOT also aims at preserving, refining as well as staging the valuable traditional Cantonese opera libretti meticulously, and producing large-scale and high-quality Cantonese opera performances.  HKCOT will join hands to conduct research and preservation projects upon Cantonese opera-related topics jointly with “Ina Ho Cantonese Opera Research Centre”, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, in order to enhance the awareness and understanding of the essence of this World Intangible Cultural Heritage among local, Greater Bay Area and overseas audiences.


12.3.2024 (TUE) 19:30

Goddess of the Luo River

Screenwriter: Tong Tik-sang

Towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, China is split into three kingdoms.  As regent for the young emperor, Cao Cao gains control over the feudal lords.  Cao Zhi the third son of Cao, is a handsome and talented young man in love with gifted beauty Zhen Mi, who is also a captive at the time.  Cao intends Zhi to be his successor, so he chooses Chen Dezhu, daughter of grand chancellor Chan Jiao, to be Zhi’s wife.  Cao further marries Mi to Cao Pi.  Mi falls into Pi’s trap by asking Zhi to meet her in private.  As a result, Zhi is exiled to Linzi.  Pi becomes the King after Cao’s death and he forces Mi to write in order to urge Zhi to return.  Pi orders Zhi to compose a poem within ten steps, otherwise, he will kill him should he fail to do so.  Zhi finally accomplishes in seven steps with Mi’s encouragement.  Mi hacks a foot off a tripod cauldron to show Pi the importance of his brothers, then, she drowns herself into the Luo River.  Zhi dreams of Mi and realizes that Mi has become the Goddess of the Luo River.


Cao Pi: Lung Koon-tin

Zhen Mi: Angel Leung Sum-yee

Cao Zhi: Thompson Vong Seng-pan

Queen Dowager: Chan Hung-Chun

Chan Qiao: Liu Kwok-sum

Chen Dezhu: Chan Kei-ting


13.3.2024 (WED) 19:30

The Flower Princess

Screenwriter: Tong Tik-sang

Towards the end of the reign of the Chongzhen Emperor of the Ming dynasty, internal turmoil and external threats abound. Princess Changping, arrogant and proud of her talent, has not yet found herself an acceptable husband.? Minister Zhou Zhong introduces Shixian to the princess. Being able to move the princess’s heart with his eloquence and earnestness, Shixian gains the emperor’s permission for marrying the princess. However, the capital falls to the rebels before their wedding day. Fearing the fate of his harem, the emperor puts his wives to death and injures Changping with his sword. Zhou Zhong rescues Changpingand she recovers under his care. However, Zhou Zhong and his son Bao Lun plot to turn the princess over to the emperor of the Qing dynasty in exchange for official rank and wealth.

Knowing the plot, the daughter of Zhou Zhong helps move Changping to Weimo Nunnery to live in seclusion. A year later, Shixian comes across the princess outside the nunnery, but the princess now turned nun refrains from admitting to their acquaintance until Shixian threatens suicide. Shixian suggests a feigned surrender to the Qing emperor. In tears, the princess writes a letter to the Qing emperor, asking him to give her father Chongzhen Emperor a decent burial and releases her brother, the crown prince.

The Qing emperor is compelled to keep his promise in order to pacify the ministers of the former dynasty. Finally, the princess and Shixian perform the wedding ritual beside a camphor tree. Then, they both take poison and die for their country. Choral music is heard from heaven, to which the mystical couple returns. Overwhelmed by shame, Zhou Zhong and Bao Lun ask for permission to resign and return to their hometown.



Chow Sai-hin: Thompson Vong Seng-pan

Princess Cheung-ping: Angel Leung Sum-yee

Chow Chung: Chan Hung-chun

Emperor Sung Zing/ The Qing Emperor: Liu Kwok-sum

Chow Shui-lan: Chan Kei-ting

Chow Po-lun: Ng Lap-hei


Cast: Lung Koon-tin (12.3.2024), Thompson Vong Seng-pan, Angel Leung Sum-yee, Chan Hung-chun, Liu Kwok-sum, Chan Kei-ting, Ng Lap-hei (13.3.2024)


Artistic Team

Honorary Advisor: Dr Choo Heng-cheong

Artistic Director: Lung Koon-tin

Artistic Advisor: Nam Fung

Music Director: Leonard Wong Shing-chuen


  Production Team 

Administrator and Coordinator: Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe

Production Manager: Karen Lam Kwan-ling

Stage Manager: Cheng Shui-wah

Choreography (Goddess of the Luo River): Vanessa Tsang 

Lighting and Set: Kwong Hing Stage Scene Production Company 

Props and Costume: Sun Kwan Ying Production Company

Performance Photographer: Martin Wong