Macao Cultural Centre

"Four Seasons" Interactive Baroque Concert

Organizer:Macau Baroque Orchestra
Presenter:Macau Baroque Orchestra
22.06.2024    Sat 19:45 Small Auditorium
80 min
3 Years-old or above
Event Completed

This concert caters to both children's psychological characteristics and the tastes of many classical music enthusiasts. It selects lively yet profound Baroque pieces, showcasing the charm of Baroque music through engaging interactions between emcees, conductor, singers, musicians, and the audience. Various forms such as solo, concerto, and ensemble will be presented to demonstrate the diversity of Baroque music. The concert will also introduce the harpsichord (virginal), allowing the audience to become acquainted with this less commonly seen Baroque instrument.

Themed around the four seasons, the concert will feature lively dialogues between the emcee and the young emcees representing spring, summer, autumn, and winter, leading to related musical themes. It suggests that children come dressed in their favorite character costumes in advance, such as green for spring, red for summer, golden for autumn, and white or blue for winter. Princesses, princes, flowers, plants, animals, and more are welcomed to enhance the concert's atmosphere, creating an enjoyable musical experience for children.