Macao Cultural Centre

Three Models of the Future - 2024 Cultural Communication Month - Aesthetics Discourse

Organizer:Cultural Affairs Bureau
Presenter:Cultural Affairs Bureau
20.05.2024    Mon 19:30 Small Auditorium
75 mins
Suitable for individuals aged 15 or above
Cantonese (with simultaneous interpretation in Portuguese)
Event Completed

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2. In the event of an oversubscription, participants will be selected by lottery, with each participant having a maximum of one opportunity to be selected;
3. Participants who are selected will receive an SMS notification and must present the SMS for entry (screenshots are not valid); the Cultural Affairs Bureau has the right to request participants to provide identification documents to verify their information. Participants who are not selected will not be notified.

The lecture "Three Models of the Future," featuring Yip Kam-tim, a world-renowned film and stage art director, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will be held at 7:30 pm on May 20 at the Small Theatre of the Macau Cultural Centre. At that time, he will share his unique creative concepts through his works.

Yip Kam-tim, an internationally renowned film and stage art director, costume designer, visual artist, and distinguished professor at Beijing Normal University. He won the Academy Award for Best Art Direction and the British Academy Film Award for Best Costume Design for the film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," becoming the first Chinese artist to receive these honors. He is a master of Oriental aesthetics, constantly exploring and introducing the aesthetic concept of "New Orientalism," interpreting the ancient culture's inspiration for the future. His creations span multiple fields, including film, stage, contemporary art, and literature. In the lecture, Professor Yip will present his artworks from different stages and dimensions through the theme "Three Models of the Future," as well as the development context and extended thoughts of art creation.