Macao Cultural Centre

Dansations V - an incubation platform for original dance works

Organizer:IengChi Dance Association
Presenter:IengChi Dance Association
15.06.2024    Sat 20:00 Box II
16.06.2024    Sun 15:00 Box II
16.06.2024    Sun 20:00 Box II
Event Completed

~Early bird discount: 40% off(on or before 2024/05/20)
~Late bird discount: 30% off (2024/05/21-31)
~Group ticket discount: 25% off (any purchase of 4 or more tickets on 2024/06/01)
~Others: 20% off for local full-time students, the disabled and senior citizens over 60 year old (requires presentation of ID upon entry)

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#Work-in-progress presentation
Coming into its fifth edition, Dansations as an incubation platform continues to weave the very fabric of interaction among artists, performance, audience and discussion spaces. This year, we look forward to your participation in both our performance programs and meet-the-artist workshops. Three work-inprogress creations will be presented through body research, AI exploration, and music experimental research, etc. These works are encouraged to go beyond the boundaries and respond to each teams’ personal critical states in many real life conditions. Come and see how the dancers venture into the unknown, and step out of their comfort zone!


#Meet the Artist
We are also hosting a series of post-performance discussion sessions and workshops to extend our interactions with you beyond the theatre. Join us in this encounter of collaboration across creative minds and disciplines!


〖3 Work-in-progress presentations〗

《Infinite Jest》
Ceators : Alexis Kam, Dynamic Wang
Performer : Alexis Kam
Sound and AIGC Design : Dynamic Wang
Organizer : AWPlanet (Macau X Beijing)

"Living in a society who worships superficial phenomenon rather than fact, imaginations and endless entertainment becomes compulsory in this surreal world.What defines reality? What constitutes falsehood?
In the labyrinthine of lust and desires, does succumbing to any form of indulgence will serve as a proof of our own existence? or merely an escape from realities? Should we attempt to challenge this society that
doesn't require 'reality' by indulging in our unrestrained desires as an insignificant joke to demonstrate our rebellion?"


Choreographer/Performer:Karen Hoi

"Tick, tick, tick, tick...
Every heartbeat and every song is a reason to drive you. It’s a proof of being alive, an input of emotions, a
desire of heartful movement.
Largo, Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro, Vivace.

How many BPM (Beats Per Minutes) do you need today to connect with your inner self?"


《One step at a time》
Choreographer / Performer: Sonia Lao
Sound Designer: Akitsugu Fukushima

“ I seem to have lost the ability to walk properly, and I don't know when it began. In the days of searching for connection with my body, I have come to realize that…
We are merely bipedal creatures moving forward, passing through numerous fleeting passages, seeking the most primal memories — a surge of unadulterated power, a resounding shout.”