Macao Cultural Centre

Multimedia Puppetry Theatre “Tic Tac, The Hero of Time”

Organizer:Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
Presenter:Omar Alvarez Titeres, Puppetry Arts Company (Argentina)
26.07.2024    Fri 11:00 Box I
26.07.2024    Fri 14:45 Box I
26.07.2024    Fri 17:00 Box I
27.07.2024    Sat 11:00 Box I
27.07.2024    Sat 14:45 Box I
27.07.2024    Sat 17:00 Box I
28.07.2024    Sun 11:00 Box I
28.07.2024    Sun 14:45 Box I
28.07.2024    Sun 17:00 Box I
Approximately 45 minutes
Suitable for audience aged 4 or above
Children’s Package: MOP 300; Individual Ticket: MOP 200



Telephone: (853) 8399 6699 (during office hours)

National Gold Award Winner in Argentina “Javier Villafañe”: Best Puppetry Design, Best Lighting and Multimedia Design


NOW Festival 2020: Best Scenic Design


Every morning, Tic Tac, an antique alarm clock, winds up his beloved collection of clocks and remembers the happy old days. Out of the blue, he comes under threat after receiving a tempting gift from a modern phone, the ambitious . Behind its innocent appearance, the gift conceals danger. In this battle about time, who is going to win?


Tic Tac: The Hero of Time is a new non-verbal puppet show created by veteran puppeteer Omar Alvarez. After four years of meticulous revision and refinement, this master storyteller combines delicate puppets made from everyday objects with stop-motion projections, presenting an adventure full of emotion, humor, and visual poetry. Take this imaginative journey to reconnect yourself with the truest feelings. For 45 minutes, children and adults alike can be transported away from our frantic, perpetually plugged-in world and experience Alvarez’s celebration of the simple things in life.