Macao Cultural Centre

Theatre for Babies "Sweet Dreams in the Woods"

Organizer:Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
07.08.2024    Wed 11:00 Box I
07.08.2024    Wed 14:45 Box I
07.08.2024    Wed 17:00 Box I
08.08.2024    Thu 11:00 Box I
08.08.2024    Thu 14:45 Box I
08.08.2024    Thu 17:00 Box I
09.08.2024    Fri 11:00 Box I
09.08.2024    Fri 14:45 Box I
09.08.2024    Fri 17:00 Box I
10.08.2024    Sat 11:00 Box I
10.08.2024    Sat 14:45 Box I
10.08.2024    Sat 17:00 Box I
11.08.2024    Sun 11:00 Box I
11.08.2024    Sun 14:45 Box I
11.08.2024    Sun 17:00 Box I
Approximately 45 minutes
Children Package: MOP 300; Individual Ticket: MOP 200


1. Two types of tickets to this programme are available, namely “Children Package” and “Individual Ticket”:

–  Children Package: including two tickets for babies aged 4 to 15 months and their accompanying adult;

–  Individual Ticket: For audience aged 3 or above.

2. Audience are requested to take off their shoes before entering the venue. Those seated in the “Parent-Child Area” will be seated on the floor. Comfortable clothing and socks are recommended.



Telephone: (853) 8399 6699 (during office hours)


Sensorial little steps


Taking our cute little sprouts on a new adventure, and together we will discover the marvellous sensations of all four seasons. Sunlight shines into caves to detect hibernating animals, and the snow and the frozen lake gradually melt. Let us wake up in the spring with a fresh breeze and new light, before stepping into the exciting summer to meet new friends. Then, autumn’s golden leaves will welcome us, sharing its sweetest fruits. With winter’s arrival, we watch the snow fall and dream, longing for spring to come back once again.

Local producer Chan Si Kei joined hands with choreographers Wendy Choi and Annette Ng to create Sweet Dreams in the Woods. On the trail of the success of 18 journeys of four seasons we experienced together with the little ones last year, every performance was packed with enthusiastic responses. This adventure will let tots from 4 to 15 months wander around, moving freely, savouring a sensorial feast. Moving to the rhythms of live world music, a pair of dancers will lead our babies to explore every corner in this magical forest. Immersed in the sounds of exotic and traditional instruments, from the acoustic guitar to the asalato, this Sweet Dream in the Woods is a perfect first-time experience for our bundles of love, a blissful journey that will smoothly encourage a tiny audience to engage with nature on a theatrical setting.