Macao Cultural Centre

Percussion Acrobatic Theatre “CRASSH_Duo Circus”

Organizer:Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
Presenter:WETUMTUM (Portugal)
19.07.2024    Fri 11:00 Box I
19.07.2024    Fri 14:30 Box I
19.07.2024    Fri 19:45 Box I
20.07.2024    Sat 11:00 Box I
20.07.2024    Sat 14:30 Box I
20.07.2024    Sat 19:45 Box I
21.07.2024    Sun 11:00 Box I
21.07.2024    Sun 14:30 Box I
21.07.2024    Sun 17:00 Box I
Approximately 50 minutes
Suitable for audience aged 3 or above
Children’s Package: MOP 300; Individual Ticket: MOP 200


Telephone: (853) 8399 6699 (during office hours)

Knocking here, knocking there, turning trash into treasures rare;

Embracing mistakes on a dare, two brothers share an unspoken flare.


Invited to perform at Festival Manobras in 2021


Can music be created from ordinary kitchenware? Two whimsical artists are about to let you in on their delightfully clattering secret! With uninhibited creativity, they miraculously awaken the melodious potential trapped within everyday objects—buckets, stainless steel pots, cups, pans, and balls become ingeniously reimagined as makeshift percussion. They even incorporate their own bodies, not even sparing a half-eaten apple!


But these two artists don’t just make noise—they channel their motley creations into pure percussive magic! Melodious tunes and intricate rhythms pour forth from their improvised “instruments,” accompanied by acrobatics and awe-inspiring stunts of whirling, juggling, and balancing acts. Their performance presents a perfect mixture of comical antics and extraordinary skills, making the audience hold their breath one moment and burst into laughter the next. In the words of the performers, it’s an elaborate yet wild show that blends heart-racing thrills with humour.


Come join the percussion party thrown by this knock-out duo!


Behind this fantastic show, a team of creators possesses an array of talents, skilled in percussion, circus arts, clowning, and drama. They have earned accolades such as the Castilla-Leon Theater Audience Award in 2013, and the Best Live Performance at the 2020 Iberia Arts Festival.