Foyer - Macao Cultural Centre

Macao Cultural Centre

As a strong first impression to our visitors, the Foyer is like the soul connecting our main auditoria. Its bright, high ceiling accommodates a sleek, functional reception, dominated by a long stairway that hides the cosy bar serving the audience on show days. This area is also perfectly suited for other activities, from displays and opening ceremonies to cocktail receptions and photo sessions. As we walk upstairs under the skylight and its ever-changing hues throughout the day, we arrive to the Grand Auditorium’s balcony otherwise also accessible by lift. There, before entering the auditorium, we may want to take a moment to appreciate the soothing effect of Harmony & Contention, Mio Peng Fei’s huge paintings displayed on the wide wall. The art works are complemented by Mies van der Rohe’s furniture as well as a signature sculpture by Nuno Santiago decorating the first floor.