Multi-media theatre - Deep Blue - Macao Cultural Centre

Macao Cultural Centre

ARTmusing Summer

Multi-media theatre - Deep Blue

14.07.2023    Fri 14:30 Box I
14.07.2023    Fri 17:00 Box I
15.07.2023    Sat 11:00 Box I
15.07.2023    Sat 17:00 Box I
16.07.2023    Sun 11:00 Box I
16.07.2023    Sun 14:30 Box I
50 min
For aged 3 or above
Performed in Mandarin, with Chinese and English surtitles
Event Completed

The organizer reserves the right to alter the programme and/or the performers.

Bank Partner: 

Playing under the sea

Picture yourself walking on golden sandy beaches, watching birds flying high in the sky, picking beautiful shells every now and then, and even playing in the bubbly waves, amongst slow turtles. Then take a deep breath and plunge in the water to find a beautiful world, as if you were a fish. Look how huge the whale shark is! Come swim in the beautiful depths you have never seen, and discover the fantastic mysteries of the immense big sea. 

Deep Blue is a multi-media children’s theatre featuring a variety of creative elements depicting a vivid, colourful underwater world. Staged to the sound of alluring music, the show will immerse young kids in an unforgettable experience, stimulating their imagination and love for nature.

Using discarded objects, sand, water, sound and light, a group of friendly actors bring lovely  puppets to life in a delightful aquatic scape filled with wonderful living beings. At the end, as they leave the auditorium, the little audience will feel grateful for the infinite array of wonders our oceans provide, deep under the amazing blue.