Macao Cultural Centre

Plucked Strings Concert "Charming Fingers"

Chinese Music
Organizer:Instituto Cultural do Governo da R.A.E. de Macau
09.12.2022    Fri 20:00 Small Auditorium
60 minutos
$200/ $150
Event Completed

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In this concert, distinguished contemporary artist Zhang Hongyan, dubbed as Queen of the Pipa, is invited as the artistic director and to perform a few Chinese and Western musical pieces.

The melodious, witty Romanian folk work Spring may induce you to dance.

Blossom at Dawn, with an intricate story plot and rich layers, depicts the life of all beings in nature from coming into being silently, to blossoming, withering, until finally returning to silence. The piece, filled with sound effects of plucked string instruments using dense notes and rich harmonies, represents the cycles of life, and ultimately converges into a main melody featuring a strong sense of flow and rich rhythmic forms. 

The concert will also present Nalati, a work inspired by the homonymous grasslands in Xinjiang, and a Pirates of the Caribbean Rhapsody adapted from the famous film score. A musical feast of plucked string excellent works of Chinese and Western classics, with both traditional and innovative adaptations. Don't miss it! Come enjoy the Pipa art from the charming fingers!           

** Ms. Zhang Hongyan serves as the programme curator and artistic director for Plucked Strings Concert "Charming Fingers" but due to the epidemic situation, she will be unable to attend the concert.