Macao Cultural Centre

Mysterious Art Playground - Children’s Creative Camp

Organizer:Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
Presenter:Dream Theater Association
06.07.2024    Sat 10:00 Black Box Multi-purpose Room
20.07.2024    Sat 10:00 Black Box Multi-purpose Room
01.08.2024    Thu 10:00 Black Box Multi-purpose Room (Additional)
03.08.2024    Sat 10:00 Black Box Multi-purpose Room
15.08.2024    Thu 10:00 Black Box Multi-purpose Room (Additional)
17.08.2024    Sat 10:00 Black Box Multi-purpose Room
29.08.2024    Thu 10:00 Black Box Multi-purpose Room (Additional)
Children aged between 8 and 12
MOP 600

Dates and time:

Children's camp 1    6/7-7/7         

Children's camp 2    20/7-21/7   

Children's camp 3    3/8-4/8       

Children's camp 4    17/8-18/8    

Children's camp 5    1/8-2/8         (additional session)

Children's camp 6    15/8-16/8     (additional session)

Children's camp 7    29/8-30/8     (additional session)

10:00am - 6:00pm on the following day

Macao Cultural Centre, Macao Museum of Art 

Fee: MOP 600


Target participants: Children aged between 8 and 12 (Participants’ age is calculated based on the camp's starting date in years.)

No. of participants: 20

Language: Cantonese



1. Please purchase the tickets online, fill in the application form and email it to

2. Complete the enrolment form and submit it with the relevant fee at the outlets of Macao Ticketing Network.




Linha Directa: (853) 8399 6699 (durante o horário de expediente)

Fancy a summer art adventure?  This summer holiday, get ready to be swept away by two creative art camps at the inaugural edition of the “Macao International Children’s Arts Festival”: the “Mysterious Art Playground - Children’s Creative Camp” and the “Fantastic Creative Door - Family Art Camp”.  Camp with us for the first time at the Macao Cultural Centre. In a delightful camping atmosphere, unleash your imagination and creativity in our interactive workshops. Dip your toes into a fantastic world through theatre and the visual arts. In this two-day immersive camping experience, you will get to create and enjoy the fun of art!


Roll out your tent, and unleash your creativity

Come armed with creative ideas and fuel your imagination

During this two-day overnight camping experience,

Use your hands and eyes, and bring your heart 

to create the fascinating world of art


Join us and camp at the art playground in the Macao Cultural Centre and delve into a variety of creative experiences. You’ll explore the fascinating realm of world-renowned paintings and create your bespoke character. And make puppets with objects and perform at your own theatre show. You’ll encode the magic behind the performing arts through body and theatrical language. Make memories by visiting an art museum at night and exploring ideas in this art playground. At the evening camping party, you’ll sing and dance along to famous musical scores and get to know the characters behind the curtains. On different weekends, an array of fantastic camping experiences – and numerous world-famous artists - are in store!