Macao Cultural Centre

Cantonese opera by teenagers “The Magical Lotus Lantern”

Organizer:Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
Presenter:School of Theatre of the Macao Conservatory
03.08.2024    Sat 14:30 Small Auditorium
Approximately 3 hours, without intermission
Suitable for audience aged 6 or above
Performed in Cantonese, with Chinese and English surtitles



Telephone: (853) 8399 6699 (during office hours)

Prepare to immerse yourself in a beautiful mythical tale. Legend has it that the goddess of Mt. Hua created the magic lotus lantern to bring happiness to the people. She fell in love with a mortal scholar named Liu Yanchang, and they married. However, her cruel brother, Erlang God, discovered their forbidden union and punished her for breaking heavenly rules. The goddess was imprisoned under Mt. Hua, separated from Liu. She gave birth to their son, Chen Xiang, but faced threats from her older brother. With a blood-written letter, she entrusted Chen Xiang to her maid, Ling Zhi, who took the child to his father. Liu finally met little Chen Xiang. To better raise his son, Liu remarried a young woman named Wang Guiying and hoped Chen Xiang would save his mother when he grew up. Later, Wang herself gave birth to a boy named Qiu’er. One day at school, the spoiled brat Qin Guanbao from the Qin clan, who used to bully Chen Xiang and Qiu’er, met his demise accidentally. Hearing the news, the powerful Qin family demanded the death of someone from the Liu household. Faced with a dilemma, Wang made a sacrificial decision to turn Qiu’er in and let her stepson Chen Xiang go. Through trials and tribulations, Chen Xiang eventually defeated Erlang God, split Mt. Hua open, and rescued his mother.


Performed by children and teenagers learning Cantonese opera from the School of Drama of the Macao Conservatory. The Magical Lotus Lantern showcases their commitment to promoting the intangible cultural heritage. With exceptional talents in singing, acting, and acrobatics, these young performers will bring this timeless tale to life on stage this summer.