Macao Cultural Centre

First musical for children ever by the Palace Museum “Lu Duan”

Organizer:Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
23.08.2024    Fri 19:30 Grand Auditorium
24.08.2024    Sat 14:30 Grand Auditorium
Approximately 100 minutes, without intermission
Suitable for audience aged 6 or above
Performed in Mandarin with Chinese and English surtitles
$400, $300, $200, $100



Telephone: (853) 8399 6699 (during office hours)

Three years of dedication and craftsmanship

First-ever musical for children by the Palace Museum makes its debut in Macao this summer

This summer, Lu Duan makes its debut in Macao as the closing performance of the first Macao International Children’s Arts Festival. The lively experience begins with the delightful theme song "The Palace Ballad" setting the stage with its solemn yet vibrant historical ambiance. Enhanced by AR and holographic projection technologies spotlighting the Palace Museum's priceless treasures, audiences are swept into an immersive journey through the historical relics of the Palace, offering a close-up look at the legacy and innovation in safeguarding cultural heritage for the modern age.


Drawing inspiration from the auspicious Palace Museum beast, "Lu Duan" the creative team has devoted three years to perfecting this fusion of theatrical art, traditional culture, and modern technological innovation, bringing cultural relics to life! Alongside the fabled Cloisonné Enamel Aromatherapy Beast "Lu Duan" from the Wanli era, the production also features the Kangxi-era Golden Bowl of Eternal Stability, the masterpiece "Plum and Magpies" by Shen Zifan (Southern Song Dynasty), and the earliest surviving calligraphy masterpiece "Ping Fu Tie" (over 1700 years old). This showcase embodies the confidence and resilience of Chinese traditional culture.


In our tale, Lu Duan, a sprightly 400-year-old, brims with boundless curiosity, itching to explore the world’s endless marvels. Meanwhile, Gao Xiaoduan, grandchild of the leader of the Palace Museum’s Historical Department, grows up amongst the quick bursts of information from bite-sized digital snippets. The unexpected encounter between these two sparks a journey of exploration within the Forbidden City, igniting a debate and reflection on classical culture versus contemporary trends, historical preservation versus future aspirations.


During an interview, Du Haijiang, the producer of Lu Duan and vice president of the Palace Museum, highlighted the production as a milestone in the Palace Museum’s commitment to tradition and innovation. He emphasized its role in bringing cultural relics to life, guiding children to explore the Palace Museum, and allowing them to discover the richness of China’s traditional culture. This successful integration of museum education and children’s theatre education allows children to engage with history in an organic and captivating manner. The Palace Museum remains committed to nurturing museum education among children and adolescents, accompanying them on their journey of growth and development.


"The premiere of this children’s play by the Palace Museum holds a significant meaning, as it showcases the organization's humble commitment to fostering equal, beautiful, and heartwarming communication between thousands of years of cultural history and the tender hearts of young children. " says Ouyang Yibing, National First-Class Playwright, Dramatist, and Theater Critic.